Welcome to Greenspace Genealogy
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Greenspace Genealogy is a weekly subscription-only newsletter focusing on the genealogical history of private property that is donated to become greenspace. The newsletter is especially beneficial to land conservation and preservation agencies hoping to inspire donors, as well as genealogists who are researching families who lived, loved, worked and played in the greenspace.

Greenspace Genealogy received a small grant from Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak's "Honoring Our Ancestors" to defray a portion of the distribution cost.

The newsletter is available by subscription for just $12 per year. It is distributed every Friday as a digital newsletter.

Professional genealogist Judy Rosella Edwards, is creating GEDCOM files of the family who donated each property. These files can be downloaded into genealogy software. These records include cited sources. Judy is a long-time columnist for GenWeekly, published by Genealogy Today .

From The Editor

There are individuals all across the United States who donate their private property to be enjoyed as a public greenspace. Some donations are ambitious projects consisting of thousands of acres that become recreational areas. Others are corner lots, usually referred to as tot lots. There are conservation and preservation areas, city parks, and county parks. Greenspace Genealogy is their story.

As a professional genealogist, I am inspired to share these stories. But, every time I share even one of these stories, people ask for more.

- Judy Rosella Edwards